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The other day I attended the Aid & International Development Forum at the Convention Center. I'd never been to the convention center before. It's HUGE. AIDF was basically a trade exhibit/market place for procurement and logistics junkies. There were a few NGOs and aid agencies, but most of the participants represented various companies. Are you looking for tarps, tents, mobile fridge units for vaccines, portable coffins with dignity, first aid kits, or non-perishable food items? This was the place to be. Of course the Toyota hilux, preferred vehicle of both humanitarian aid workers and the Taliban, was front and center.

I was an interviewed by a young woman who was researching a magazine article on married people (primarily women) who don't change their names. I told her that in Morocco women don't change their names, so it wasn't really an issue for us. And even if I wanted to, it'd be such a hassle to change my passport (and re-apply for visas), social security, driver's license, and everything else from overseas. When we opened a local bank account in Burkina Faso we were asked to produce a marriage certificate; otherwise we haven't had any problems with having different surnames, even with MB's immigration paperwork. When my church records were transferred though the default was MoBob's name, curiously enough, which was easy enough to correct. Methinks it's a cultural issue rather than a database problem.

Because of the extreme heat we are staying indoors, just like during the snowstorms!
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