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Tickle · the · Pear

a heart-shaped world, rained out

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I subbed for McArthur in Sunday School, and in exchange we got tickets to see Chris Isaak at Wolf Trap. Oh Chris Isaak. How often during college did I swoon over you. And played Don't Make Me Dream About You on repeat. Of course, during the concert he was about the size of my thumb, and then the whole stage was blurred in the rain for the second half. He was great fun though, running through the audience and flashing his sequined suit.

When I was standing in line for will-call I heard a bunch of tweens talking about seeing the Go-Gos on their farewell tour. I said to them, "Weren't the Go-Gos around before you guys were born?" They replied their moms got them hooked and they were all going together to the concert. Then I realized that their moms and I are probably the same age.
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