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In my continued quest to visit some of the lesser known museums and sites in Washington DC, I took a guided tour of Decauter House. I majored in history as an undergrad, and was really influenced by The Historian as Detective, and Decauter House featured some cool historical finds. My favorite exhibit was one room that was suspected to be the main kitchen - one of the reasons for this was the heavy build-up of cooking grease on the walls. Decauter House also did an excellent job of featuring African-American history in the area of Lafayette Square (in the near neighborhood of the White House), including the story of a slave woman named Charlotte Dupuy who took Henry Clay (remember from U.S. History in junior year?) to court to sue for her freedom. Unfortunately she did not win, but apparently the court did undertake an extensive investigation which delayed her return to Henry Clay.

Today is our last day dogsitting Daisy. She is really a sweetheart. I was out with friends on Friday evening and MoBob stayed with her. She threw up twice and refused to eat and drink for the following day. She seems back to normal now, but we were both worried and let her sleep in the bed on Friday and Saturday. At one point she took up half the space, and MB and I were culred up in one corner. I really appreciate MB; despite having been raised to believe that dogs are unclean, he has been great about poop patrol and playing with Daisy. In fact he's the one who let her on the bed. (I suspect Daisy likes him much better than me.)
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