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Tickle · the · Pear

holiday weekend

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The long holiday weekend was pretty mellow for us. We've been housesitting/dogsitting so we've been hanging around in a different neighborhood. We kicked it off with the weekly summer jazz concert at the National Gallery of Art's sculpture garden. Faithful readers may recall this is my favorite place to go ice-skating, but last Friday was the first time we'd gone to a jazz concert there. And it'll be the last - the garden, however pretty, was awkward for both seeing and hearing the band, tons of people kept circling around while trying to locate their friends by cell phone, and those that did find each other engaged in mad flirtations around pools of spilled sangria. It was terribly hot and crowded, and I couldn't even tell if the band (salsa jazz) was good or not. Oh well.

Saturday evening we went to the rehearsal for the annual Fourth of July concert at the Capitol. I got there early, and by the time MoBob arrived around 7pm the place was packed. I can't imagine what the actual Fourth of July concert was like. Jimmy Smits was pretty funny, and it was a treat to see Reba McEntire and some guy from American Idol (who made all the teens scream) perform. I sat in front of an older Filipino couple but I don't think they realized I was also Pinay. I heard the lady say in Tagalog that she didn't bring any forks for their pancit and I thought of offering them some of our forks (because of course I always bring extra) but then refrained because then they'd be embarrassed that I've been eavesdropping this whole time.

July 4th itself was hot, but I made my way to the Smithsonian Folklife Festival for the cooking demonstration on Fil-Am food. There are a million different kinds of adobo and the chef made a version from Luzon that didn't include soy sauce and was cooked for a second time in a wok. It smelled great!

watching the World Cup with Daisy

a hot day by the sculpture garden pool - the band played under the green tent

Chef Evelyn and her sous-chef husband

the finished product
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