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Tickle · the · Pear

Saturday night with Ben & Jerry's

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We played tennis this afternoon in 90 degree heat and lost. Boo. I went home to nap but had to wake up every so often to go to the loo since I drank so much water. Double-boo.

On Thursday evening I went to a Women's Information Network event. I figured there wasn't any harm in joining. The event had an interesting format - a networking reception featuring as the main speaker the new president of EMILY'S List, followed by group dinners based on different themes. I attended the group dinner on midlife transitions. Wow. Good thing I'm not a frustrated lawyer!

Friday evening found us at the Moroccan Ambassador's residence, a mini-mansion in Bethesda, for a fundraiser for the High Atlas Foundation. If I were ever Ambassador anywhere I don't think I'd want to have hordes of strangers trampling through my house and garden and commenting on the Chinese (surprisingly not Moroccan) decor. I think by now I can fake being a returned volunteer from Morocco, except for the pesky problem of not knowing Moroccan Arabic.

MoBob has been watching the World Cup at various places (i.e. bars) around town. We snuck out and watched France vs. Mexico (¡Viva Aztlán!) at Bar Louie at Gallery Place on Thursday afternoon, knowing full well that the staff was more excited about the NBA final. There were only a few people around, and the other person rooting for Mexico (besides myself) couldn't understand why MB was supporting Morocco's former colonial power. MB went to the new Biergarten Haus on H Street this morning for the Ghana-Australia match, and then left a message during my tennis match that poor Cameroon lost.
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