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Tickle · the · Pear

midweek update

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The weekend was good (and full) and the week is quiet (and hot, and when it's not hot, it's rainy).

As with most Saturdays, mine was consumed by tennis. Lately we've been having matches at Rock Creek Park Tennis Center, where the Legg Mason tennis tournament is held. Clay courts! I've also resumed my old Burkinabé habit of early morning tennis. One of the other team members lives nearby and we've been meeting at 6:30am to hit for an hour or so at the neighborhood rec center. It's nice to see the neighborhood wake up with the joggers, walkers, and dog owners.

On Saturday evening, MoBob and I went to the Simbuyo Cultural Night conveniently held at the Washington DC Temple visitors' center. "Simbuyo" means "a lot of emotion" and the show itself was pretty varied, with a fashion show by a Mindanao Muslim designer, the Philippine embassy singers, and a shirtless interpretive dance of a passage by national hero Rizal, among other acts. (As I asked MB: Does the Moroccan embassy have singers? I DON'T THINK SO.)

On Sunday morning, mortuus and I went to to the semi-annual stake (equivalent to a Catholic diocese) conference, where a new stake presidency was announced. The feature speaker was Elder Jeffery R. Holland, who is one of the Twelve Apostles. Wow. What a great speaker. And he was so much more humorous and relaxed than during other official church appearances. The new stake president is someone I've known, along with his wife, since grad school. I guess he won't be dressing up as Charlie Brown for Halloween anymore.
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