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brown strokes

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I always try to attend Fil-Am events, since there are just fewer Pinoys around here. Most recently MoBob and I went to the opening of the Brown Strokes on a White Canvas exhibit at the Embassy of the Philippines. There are many more Moroccans in the DC area but we've never been to an event at the Embassy of Morocco, although MB attends a lot of Morocco-oriented functions as well.

One of my "what if" thought exercises is if my parents had decided to stay in the Philippines, would I have joined the Philippine diplomatic corps. Somehow, I don't think so. During my second year of grad school, I got together with a couple of classmates to prepare Filipino food for cultural night, and the student from the Philipines was from a totally different world. The Fil-Ams, all women - a West Point alum, a joint MBA student at Wharton, and myself, a recently returned Peace Corps volunteer - were so...American compared to the young lady representing the Philippine Embassy in her elegant terno (traditional butterfly sleeve dress).

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