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Tickle · the · Pear

blue Monday

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On Mondays I always feel as if I'm in this time-space continuum where weekends are compressed and weekdays are lengthened. Even though I didn't do much this past weekend - tennis on Saturday, staying home recovering from tennis on Sunday - it's like the weekend was only about six hours long.

I am thinking of instituting another shopping ban/spending fast for the month of May. I often find myself trolling through shopping websites out of boredom instead of doing something more productive, like sleeping. At least I have enough self-control just to put items in the shopping cart without actually purchasing anything.

I've posted before about money issues, and I've tried to reflect more deeply on why I feel compelled to shop, especially for clothes. Thankfully I have not yet reached shopaholic status, and I spend little time cruising the malls, but my favorite downtime habit is online browsing. Now that I'm following at least fifty fashion blogs, I don't know if my impulse to shop has been encouraged or discouraged. Many of the bloggers focus on remixing or thrifting or other low-cost fashion alternatives, and many feature looks that are not my style or would be difficult to replicate. On the other hand, once in a while they do feature clothes that I have not come across and would love to have, like this red shirtdress.

I find that I shop because, as a plus-size petite, I rarely find clothes that fit well and look good, so that I must buy items before they disappear. I also realize that I buy (not necessarily wear) clothes for the life I aspire to. Happily my life and my clothes do coincide, most notably work-wise. And I don't own any ball gowns or cocktail dresses. But I probably own more suits than I need - which I justify because (1) they were clearance Isaac Mizrahi suits from Target and (2) Washington DC is a suit town. But I still covet suits I see online.
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On May 3rd, 2010 07:19 pm (UTC), (Anonymous) commented:
Oh, Hello...
Well looky here...I was Googling you to find your email address, lest I incur your wrath yet again, and up pops this lovely little blog.

You are now being stalked.
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