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Tickle · the · Pear

ready for the weekend

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Everyone on LJ and FB had great comments on our interview - thanks everyone! It was interesting also to read the other couples' experiences. As I'd mentioned in the article most of the interfaith resources I've come across have been Jewish-Christian, so I hope that this will encourage people to generate resources for other combinations. I'm glad the website includes a lesbian couple and intercultural couples. Completing the questionnaire and reading each other's responses were very enlightening experiences.

Tennis practice went well last night. I'm still a pretty inconsistent player. I really am not motivated to move to the next level. MoBob was on the men's team and then they couldn't get enough people together, and he's decided to pass on the mixed doubles league (no more Team Jihad Love). He suggested that we play tennis on Friday evenings, which would mean that I'll be playing tennis every day except Wednesdays and Sundays. Hopefully my tennis elbow will take longer to return this year.

For the third time since 2003 MB has been warned about his cholesterol level, which he's always denied on the basis of his skinny legs. This time though he's willing to change so presumably I'm going to be the only one eating KFC from now on. How ironic that he's thinner and more athletic than I am but I'm, numbers-wise, the healthier person.

Weekend plans:
Tonight, free screening of Glory at the National Archives
Tomorrow, tennis
Sunday, church and my last music theory class
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