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Tickle · the · Pear

lifting as we climb and giving back

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Last night's panel discussion was more interesting than I'd expected. Three of the five speakers had come out from California, one from Maryland, and one from Massachusetts (the sole woman). All the panelists had a very tech-heavy background, and except for one who had gone back and forth to the Philippines during her childhood, were Filipino immigrants to the U.S.

Two of the presentations were really memorable for me; the first was the speaker who said that when he sold his company to IBM he regretted not saying that the company was a "Filipino" company, founded and owned by a Filipino. The other presentation was when the one female panelist said she'd gotten pregnant in college and married the father, and then went on to a joint MBA/JD program at Harvard.

All of the speakers talked about "giving back" to Filipinos in the Philipines and overseas, including the U.S. Of course this was all through the Ayala Foundation which sponsored the event; I'm interested to see how similiar activities take place in areas where the Filipino presence isn't as intense.

I didn't stick around for the Q&A so I might've missed out on some snacks, but I didn't see anyone setting up when I was on my way out....
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