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Tickle · the · Pear

FB/LJ crossover - action-packed week

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If you're my friend on LJ, feel free to friend me on FB. And if you're on FB and you have an LJ, I'm happy to add you there too.

This is turning into another week where I have something going on every evening. Last night I went to an information session on the State Dept. at the Peace Corps career services office. Tonight I'm going to see a lady from church who's in the hospital. (I try to visit every week.) Wednesday night is the last Neighborhood Corps training session. (I already finished the Community Emergency Response Team training.) Then Thursday night we are going to the Tangier American Legation Institute event. (Tangier is, after Rabat and Marrakech, my favorite city in Morocco.) Finally, Friday night we're going to a screening of Itto Titrit about a little Berber girl who wants to go to school. MoBob's niece, who had the onerous duty of translating for me during visits to the family homestead, is named Itto. So of course we have to go.

At least I can return to my pre-Olympics sleep schedule.
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