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Tickle · the · Pear

dog days

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We did all the usual Christmas stuff, like attending Midnight Mass at the local Episcopal church (where the celebrant recognized us from last year) and seeing the Festival of Lights, and, of course, eating and seeing lots of our favorite people. But this year's Christmas was pretty mellow in comparison to previous years, probably because a lot of people who stayed in town didn't really get organized to socialize (including us) and the snow didn't help.

There was an additional logistics factor for us as we were house dog-sitting for friends for a few days. Neither of us had ever looked after a dog before. Luckily Daisy was really sweet, quiet, and well-behaved. Well, mainly well-behaved, except for a couple of forgivable Unfortunate Incidents. It helps that she's super-adorable. I think even MoBob, a self-identified cat person, can admit to liking Daisy - at least well enough to take her out on poop patrol.

I noticed though that I picked up the habit of using Daisy to comment in an agreeably passive-aggressive manner on MB and myself. "Daisy! Mohamed is being unreasonable, isn't he? Yes, sweetie. I think you agree with me."
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