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Tickle · the · Pear

it's the end of the world as we know it - and I feel fine*

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Something about the holiday season makes me want to see the planet blow up. Last night we went to see 2012 before it left the local cinema. I think my fondness for disaster movies stems from repeated viewings of The Towering Inferno as a kid.

I especially liked Roland Emmerich films because they always feature a diverse ensemble cast and includes little vignettes that underscore the human dimension of disasters. MoBob told me that Emmerich decided against destroying Mecca because he didn't want a lifelong fatwa on his head.

My favorite disaster movie though is still Deep Impact which I think is really underrated. I really like how the film tried to explore some of the social issues of an impending apocalypse. A close second is Independence Day which I watched over and over while I lived in Bamako. I wonder what that says about my state of mind then. Number three is The Core - a movie that does not end with a romantic relationship between two of the main characters!

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