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Tickle · the · Pear

Positively No Filipinos Allowed

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My friend Liz just sent me a photocopy of the introduction and her essay in Positively No Filipinos Allowed:
Building Communities and Discourse
which takes its title from the famous (notorious?) photo from the early days of Filipino immigration.

Liz's essay is entitled Do You Mis(recognize) Me: Filipina Americans in Popular Music and the Problem of Invisibility and is based on her PhD in English from Cal. I'm afraid that Liz and my subscription to Filipinas magazine (which Liz gave to me when I moved to Kenya) are my only current links to Fil-Am culture. As I've mentioned before, being overseas complicates the identity question even more.

Maybe someday I'll write an essay about it. Maybe I'll even submit for publication somewhere. But not today.
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