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Tickle · the · Pear

Thursday random

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I never understood Johnny Halliday's appeal, but I'm sad he's sick. I was disappointed that the NPR segment didn't mention Johnny's extensive film career.

I hosted the December book club meeting; ostensibly we were to discuss Emma but the conversation rapidly veered into the areas of reincarnation and arranged marriages.

I attended a lunchtime talk at the Library of Congress on "Competing Spheres: Religion, Society, and State in Morocco" given by a Moroccan professor from Marrakech who's currently a Fulbright scholar at Georgetown. I wish MoBob were with me, as it was really fascinating to hear about the symbolism the Moroccan government, specifically the King, uses to legitimize political and religious authority.

With the current sale at Macy*s and a discount card I bought a $200 queen size electric blanket for $65 plus change. Hence this morning I had an incredibly difficult time getting out from under the covers.

Snow forecast for this weekend. Yay!
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On December 18th, 2009 04:22 pm (UTC), mysteena commented:
mmmm, electric blankets and LOC lectures...you're living my dream life :)
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On December 18th, 2009 09:43 pm (UTC), ticklethepear replied:
Wish you or Chris could get a job here!
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