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I toyed with the idea of going to Georgetown University for both undergrad and grad studies. I decided against undergrad because 10+ years of Catholic school was enough. I decided against grad because I didn't want to take language and econ classes with undergrads. I'm sure my life would've turned out very differently had I decided to go that route at either point in my life. I'd certainly have A LOT more student loan debt.

The other day I had an appointment at Georgetown so I took the shuttle from the law school to the main campus. The law school is a short walk from our house, but when I arrived, I found three shuttles. Three? One to go to Union Station (literally within spitting distance), one for shopping (!), and one for the main campus. Wow.

I had some time before my meeting so I explored the campus a bit. It wasn't my first visit - I had a tutorial there in my last semester of grad school and had attended events there - but never really strolled around. I was glad to see the meditation center, but a little unnerved by the number of graveyards on campus. Plus the student center had a KFC Express. Very impressive. And no, I didn't go see the Exorcist Steps which aren't on campus anyway.

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