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MoBob and I, despite being modest people of modest means, have an entourage. That is to say a whole slew of people who are dependant on our largesse.

Claire the housekeeper
Claire is probably the best housekeeper I've ever had. She doesn't leave used diapers in the loo as my Bamako housekeeper did. She can read and write, unlike my Rabat housekeeper. And I never catch her watching soap operas like my Nairobi housekeeper. She's hardworking, honest, frugal, and sweet. I will feel terrible the day that we tell her we're leaving Burkina Faso.

Pascal and Daouda the guards
They switch off days and nights so any time either of them are there they're asleep. Thank goodness there's no real crime or security problem here.

the no-name gardener
MoBob can't remember his name since apparently he didn't do much and disappeared after borrowing the equivalent of $10.

the rec club guys
A whole slew of tennis people (instructors and ball boys) and the swim instructor. Since we either play tennis or swim every day (MoBob takes lessons) that's a big chunk of income for these guys. They're certainly accomodating when I show up at 6am on weekday mornings.

Souli the driver
I hate driving in general, and the thought of driving stick with motos and donkey carts weaving in and out of traffic does not appeal. So when MoBob isn't around I have a driver. He's a temporary contract driver and I'm perfectly happy to pay him to do the driving duties and run errands.

Mme Zara, Mme Dao, and Mme Jeannette the beauticians
These ladies come around at least once a month each to give massages, pedicures, or haircuts. I don't think I'm vain but I certainly would like to be presentable....

I suppose if we had kids or much busier lives we'd also have a cook and a nanny. I know some expats have moral quandaries about hiring household staff but I figure I might has well help support some families. It's ironic that only time I do laundry is when we're in the US on vacation. I shudder to think how the division of labor will fall once MoBob and I are on our own.
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