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Tickle · the · Pear

holiday weekend update

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MoBob and I participated in Everything but the Turkey at the DC Jewish Community Center. This year the organizers decided to split the participants between Monday night and Wednesday night, so there was a lot less crowding this year. We did healthy snacks again (mixture of cheerios, chocolate chips, raisins, and peanuts), strategically staying away from "wet" dishes such as the green bean casserole. My workmate was a lovely young lady and our conversation evolved from favorite shoe stores to reintegration of child soldiers. On a completely unrelated note, an elderly nun at school gave MB a bag of matzo. I heart life in DC.

I turned into Crazed Church Lady with a Tote Bag for the T-Day Brunch at church. I arrived at the chapel early to find Bishop P. setting up the food (from Boston Market) by himself; while he got the buffet ready, I worked on the table decor. I think that's the first time that he and I actually spent time informally chatting. About sixty people came, and everyone admired the table centerpieces. Sorry I didn't take photos - I'd bought a bunch of fall leaves at Eastern Market and placed them in vases, and then wound fake leaf garlands around the vases and anchored each side with mini-pumpkins and gourds. A good time was had by all. Later that evening MB went over to our friends' house (I was conked out) and watched football. Too bad no one on the activities committee knew about Songs for Stuffing which would've been nice to play on the sound system.

MB and I spent a quiet Eid at home. We strolled around H Street, peeked into the windows of Souk (closed for the holiday) and had lunch at Sticky Rice. Who would have expected that MB enjoyed his tater tots more than his teriyaki chicken sandwich? Not me. Later that evening we went to the a performance of The Fantasticks at the Lincoln Theater. I hadn't seen the musical before, so I don't know what a "traditional" performance is like, but I really enjoyed the ragged amusement park setting and the many acts of magic. And of course the music and dance are always good. We were up in the left balcony, a little far, but good enough for free tickets. Someone on the row behind me must've worked on the show because she had all sorts of inside info. She said for example that one of the actors was replaced because his wife was in a car accident, so the current actor had only been in the production for two weeks.

We were planning on seeing the DC Roller Girls but MB had double-booked the evening so we're going another time. While he went out with his friends I went to Macy*s and looked, but didn't touch.

I don't think there are many Sunday school lessons where Calvin, Hobbes, Rousseau, and the Manhattan Declaration are discussed vigorously in relation to Doctrine & Covenants and Article of Faith #12. I heart our ward. I came home to find MB watching the Barcelona-Madrid match, but he promised to get the Christmas stuff out when it's over.
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