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Tickle · the · Pear

a French version of Austin Powers

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Last night, thanks to mortuus's generosity with her car, MoBob and I went to see OSS 117 - Lost in Rio at La Maison Française. While I'd been to the French Embassy several times for work and MB for visas, neither of us had visited the cultural center before, although they always seem to have interesting programs. Like the Alliance Française, it's a slog to get to without a car - there is a bus that stops there but on a Sunday night it wasn't worth hanging around in the dark. We only saw the large auditorium, but the building was huge.

Lost in Rio was very much in the Austin Powers genre of spy movies; some of the jokes didn't translate successfully, and I'm sure quite a few sight and verbal gags were meaningless unless you're familiar with France, but it was still a good show. I'm thinking of getting the DVD of Cairo, Nest of Spies for MB's Christmas present.
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