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Tickle · the · Pear

a little bit of Morocco in America

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MoBob spent the whole holiday weekend volunteering at the Moroccan-American Coalition annual convention. I joined him for the gala dinner, which, thankfully and luckily for me, did not feature couscous. (We had salmon.)

The dinner was OK. The entertainment was impressive. First up was Mo Amer from Allah Made Me Funny who talked about his experience growing up as a Kuwait-born Palestinian kid in Houston. He also made a lot of immigration jokes. Then came two music ensembles which meant that the rest of the evening was spent dancing.

I'm actually quite impressed with the Moroccan Embassy here. (If you visit the Phillips Collection, the embassy is across the street.) We see the Ambassador at every event we've been to. The consulate seems really active too - since Moroccans from all over the U.S. attended the convention, the embassy set up a "mobile consulate." One of the interesting aspects of consulate work for Moroccans is that they encourage every Moroccan to register, regardless of immigration status. They explained that DHS does not require the Moroccan embassy to identify illegal immigrants, unlike the Ministry of Interior in France. Morocco also has a minister of Moroccans overseas, who attended the conference. Funnily enough though, Moroccans overseas can't vote, unlike Americans, who can submit generic ballots at the embassy or vote by absentee ballot.

We're so cute! Curiously, not a lot of people wore traditional Moroccan clothes.

The famous singer whose name I forgot.

MB gets down. (And it's mainly men who danced.)

The famous band whose name I didn't catch.

I love that Moroccans of every age like to dance.
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