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Tickle · the · Pear

saying goodbye to Tita Cory

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Today at lunch time I trekked to the Philippine Embassy to sign the condolence book for Corazon Aquino. The Philippine flag was at half-mast and the Philippine seal was covered with black and yellow ribbons. The reception room had the table with the book at one end and a waiting area with chairs at the other end. There was a photo of Cory during her address to Congress and her Time magazine cover, and her official presidential portrait flanked by the Philippine flag and a long, yellow cloth suspended from the ceiling. A young man, presumably an embassy employee, acted like an usher. While I was waiting for the gentleman ahead of me to finish, several other people streamed in. When it was my turn, I had a choice of a ballpoint pen or a fountain pen. I took the fountain pen and signed off with “Tubigon, Bohol/Washington, DC.”

I felt really American.

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