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So everyone knows that the Mormon church is pretty labor-intensive, even for a lazy girl like myself. I've been trying to keep a regular Sunday schedule where after church (and a nap) I try to work on family history and write the weekly letter to my mom. I'm not making much progress on the geneology side, apart from half-heartedly inputting a family tree I did in grade school and researching family names in various online databases.

The other weekly event is family home evening. When I was a single grad student, I occasionally went to a singles FHE group which sometimes involved foot massages. Unfortunately that is not the case now. There's a monthly group for women who are single and single at church, but I haven't participated yet. With tennis on Mondays, and MoBob busy with school or work, I've decided to hold FHE by myself on Tuesdays. So my current FHE project is to read through Preach My Gospel in French. I've never been a missionary, and took the "old school" discussions, so this should be interesting. (I'm resisting the temptation to call it "Screech My Gospel.")
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