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Tickle · the · Pear

Interview Meme - continued

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Thanks to mokey4!

Where/when/how did you meet your husband? Was it love at first sight?

I met MoBob about a month after I arrived in Morocco. He was working at one of the field offices where I made my first field visit. When we first shook hands I felt a tingle up my arm but he claims he didn’t feel anything! I went back a month later and things progressed from there. Happily we avoided any co-worker romance when the USAID-funded project he worked for ended a couple of months later.

How is Burkina Faso similar and dissimilar to Cameroon?

I would say that Cameroon was much more diverse and culturally interesting than BF. Most of BF is very dry except for the provinces that border Cote d’Ivoire so I miss the rain forest feel of my post in Cameroon (only an hour from the border with Gabon). Ouaga is probably less developed than Yaoundé – and way less developed than Accra.

The biggest difference is that Burkinabé are overall simply nice. In Cameroon, I liked the people in my village very much but whenever I went to the capital or other places I was always physically and verbally harassed. People in Cameroon were just generally nasty, as much as I hate to say it. Although I’ve been harassed in other countries it was never as bad as in Cameroon. (I live a more sheltered life now than when I was a PCV but I still like to walk around town wherever I am.)

Why did you decide to become a Mormon?

I don’t know. It flies against all logic. How many minority Democrat feminist Mormons do you know? Besides me, I mean? :) Somehow I just feel like it was the right decision. I’ve never regretted it and I feel like I’ve grown so much.

How long do you plan to stay in Africa, and why?

We’re planning on moving back sometime next year. I’ve been overseas since finishing SAIS in 1999. It’s been a long time and I’m starting to feel burned out. Plus there are some family reasons to return – my parents are retiring to the Philippines and I’d like for them to have a home base in the US, plus MoBob needs to establish residency for his green card. If we decide to go overseas again I’d like to see a different part of the world, like Egypt or India.

What do you crave from the U.S.? (can be food or anything)

I guess my coping skills have evolved to the point where I made cheesecake last night without the graham cracker crust…. I’m pretty well-stocked for food and other supplies, but I do miss random cultural stuff. I get Time and the New Yorker and I listen to NPR every day so I feel up on a lot of things but I’d like to see all the new TV shows, etc. (Maybe if we had the Armed Forces Network I’d feel differently.) I miss customer service. I miss bookstores. (That’s why I like visiting Accra – the used bookstore and the new book bookstore behind Woodin in Osu.) I miss going to the movies. I miss people the most, especially people who aren’t plugged into email.

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On April 27th, 2006 11:51 am (UTC), (Anonymous) commented:
Well, now what?
I was going to answer your challenge about meme-viewing you back, but mokey4 has asked almost all the questions I wanted to ask! So now, here's some other, lamer ones...

How are you and MoBob's religious differences playing out in your married life (aside from that bacon-during-Ramadan episode)?

Where would you live in the US if you went back now?

What will you miss most about living abroad?

Do you want to have children? How many? Why/not? (Hope this one's not too personal!! If so, disregard)

What do you like most about the US? Dislike the most?

And I'm doing six, because I'm a rebel that way...

So finally, Where would you call 'home'? Why?

Oh, I guess I had some questions left after all! :-)

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