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Tickle · the · Pear


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My allergies acted up over the weekend so 4th of July was really mellow chez nous. Highlights included:
* tennis practice
* seeing clynne and mysteena (OK, technically seeing clynne was before the holiday weekend, but still)
* dinner with a lovely couple (American wife, Moroccan husband) who are leaving for Jordan this week
* lots of sneezing and itchy eyes
* watching the men's Wimbledon final in bed while eating chocolate ice cream

I'm trying to focus on people and experiences, rather than things, as per a recent study, so when I received an email from the Kennedy Center for discounted tickets to Spring Awakening, I ordered a single for myself. Except for the free Millenium Stage performances and a tour, I haven't been to an event at the Kennedy Center, and I haven't seen a musical or a theater performance since we moved back to DC. I'm really looking forward to it, especially after reading an article about the role of rock music in Broadway musicals.
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