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Tickle · the · Pear

why do I love DC?

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Even though I missed seeing Chaka Khan's free concert yesterday just a block from our office.

But I definitely want to take trapeze lessons.

On Tuesday evening I met up with a couple of Peace Corps/Cameroon friends at Roger Miller Restaurant. I hadn't been there in over ten years. I hadn't seen Mike since we left Cameroon in 1995. The three of us laughed and watched Cameroonian music videos and ate plantains like we were still sitting in a hut in a village somewhere. I knew we were out of control when the Cameroonian diners decided to change places - but they were forgiving nonetheless.

Work's been really busy, and it's been raining so I haven't had a chance to play tennis. I love the rain though. I love lying in bed and listening to the rain. It beats the heat.
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On June 7th, 2009 04:36 am (UTC), hatter_anon commented:
Trapeze lessons sound exciting! You'll have to update after that :)
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On June 7th, 2009 03:45 pm (UTC), ticklethepear replied:
I'd like to do it for my 40th birthday!
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