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Tickle · the · Pear

two to tango

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MoBob scored two free tickets off the director of the Pan American Symphony Orchestra, which is housed at Trinity, to Two to Tango. Surprisingly, despite regular cultural outings, neither of us had been to Lisner Auditorium before. We had fantastic seats, and the show was incredible - a live orchestra, two tango singers, and three couples. Wow. Wow. Wow. I hadn't known that tango was a style of orchestral music, songs, and dance all at the same time. The footwork was intricate and sexy and romantic, all at the same time.

More reasons I love MoBob:
* when I told him I was sad that Happy the Hippo was leaving, he suggested a trip to the National Zoo to say goodbye

More reasons I love DC:
* our street had a mini-block party, and we met more neighbors, including a Jamaican gentleman who knew my boss from Kenya and a woman who's also a Cal alum and equally homesick for California
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