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Tickle · the · Pear

another packed day

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And I'm thinking about skipping out on tennis practice tonight. We have another practice tomorrow night, and I'm not playing on Saturday, so it's feasible. Plus MoBob is playing soccer this evening and then returning early, so it'll be nice to actually see each other awake. Normally I'd leave around 4pm but I had a meeting this afternoon, and a document to finish, and a staff event to attend at 5pm, so I am really running on fumes at this point.

I'm sad that Happy the Hippo is leaving the National Zoo. In 2003, on MoBob's first visit to the U.S., we spent quite a long time staring at Happy while he calmly stayed underwater. I'm sure he'll be much more *ahem* content with on a beach with two female companions, despite the Milwaukee winter.

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