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Tickle · the · Pear

code name: tickle

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Just finished the intro to field communications training. It was a lot of fun - like having a team of Q (the tech guy in the James Bond movies) at my disposal who allowed me to play with lots of cool toys, er, devices. We had: a sat phone, a cell phone, a hand-held radio, a GPS, a digital camera, a mini-scanner, a mini-printer, and a laptop. Plus we got to wear this cool vest for all the gear - though it was all heavy! We were all issued a carry-on rollie bag too and I'm afraid it will be completely filled with equipment. I liked talking on the radio best: "Delta Force, this is Tickle. Team Bravo is returning to base. Over." "Q-Dawg, that's Tickle with a T, not Pickle with a P. Over."

On the way home I checked out Hill's Kitchen which had a nice write-up in Apartment Therapy DC. I bought a silicon tagine cover for MoBob. Not sure how he'll feel about this - he's rather traditional when it comes to Moroccan food.

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