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Tickle · the · Pear

just how sad am I?

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I thought about training for the Couch Potato Olympics but since I have a hard time even on long plane trips, I probably don’t stand a chance. Even with a rigorous training program.

My cell phone died on Friday night. I left it in the front pocket of my jeans and then tossed them into the wash. Poor MoBob tried to revive the thing with a hair-dryer but it just never recovered. I forgot we had an insurance policy on our cell phone plan so I was able to order a replacement for $35.

We went to see Hoba Hoba Spirit last night at the Kennedy Center. (There's a link to a video of the performance at the bottom.) When we arrived at 4:30pm for the performance at 6pm, there were already people lined up, and the show was moved from the Millennium Stage to a larger theater. Well...Moroccan rock ‘n’ roll is alive and well. It was a little strange to see a bunch of nice, university-educated guys who look like they work in IT playing, literally, guitar hero. MB danced in the aisles with the multitude of other Moroccans (and quite a few befuddled non-Moroccans who probably expected something else) and we furiously waved our little Moroccan flags the whole time. Viva le Maghreb!
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