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Tickle · the · Pear

succumbing to the ubiquitous facebook meme

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25 random things (but I'm not going to tag anyone)

1. I really don't like to travel, but I love seeing new places.
2. I'm lucky that I'm married to a very loving and tolerant man.
3. I can't believe I have 500+ friends on FB.
4. I don't know who the person is in Moscow who faithfully reads my blog.
5. My testimony remains a work in progress.
6. There are so many places that I'd visited for work that I'd like to return to for fun. (Like Bangkok, where I am now.)
7. I'm surprised that I enjoy French so much.
8. I've always struggled with my weight and body image.
9. I think I'll be OK whether or not we have kids.
10. I secretly like girly things like fashion.
11. I'd like to join a recreational ice-hockey team.
12. My favorite place in Washington DC is the Kogod courtyard at the National Portrait Gallery.
13. I'm more athletic than I suspect.
14. If I could I'd sleep 12 hours a night.
15. Someday I'd like to write professionally.
16. I can't believe I lived in Africa for 9 years.
17. I like to work with the radio on.
18. I'm a good cook, and a better eater.
19. Sometimes when I look at Mohamed I'm absolutely overwhelmed with how much I love him.
20. I'm not sure if I want to live overseas again.
21. I'm fortunate that for the most part I enjoy my work.
22. I don't like New York City.
23. I'd like to visit the Mid-West.
24. When we lived in Little Rock I was in a "classic" family ward and I'll always be grateful for that experience.
25. I miss my mom a lot and we still talk every week.
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