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Tickle · the · Pear

French cinema (animated version)

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We don't often go to the Alliance Française but I'm tempted to see this weekend's screening of Azur and Asmar. The AF is hard to get to, and the people aren't as friendly as the one in San Francisco, and the non-member admission isn't that much more expensive, so we let our family membership lapse. But both of us are on the mailing list and once in awhile there's an interesting enough event for us to make the trek. La Maison Française is equally hard to get to, and I've only been to the embassy for meetings. (Gosh, that sounds pretentious.) Maybe we'll try harder for Francophonie DC in March. At least there's more of an effort to acknowledge that most French speakers nowadays look more like me than Carla Bruni. (As much as I'd like to look like Carla Bruni.)
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