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Tickle · the · Pear

in the club

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I work in the National Press Building. At the top of the NPB is the National Press Club. I've been to the NPC for different events but never visited the actual club part until this evening. The book club met there because one of the participants is a member, and it was convenient for everyone. It's very much a "club" in the traditional sense: lots of comfy leather chairs, low lighting, discreet wait staff, and elderly people snoozing over the newspaper. The walls are lined with famous front pages (like the Denver Post's Pulitzer Prize winning coverage of the Columbine massacre) or famous people. In one corner there is a piano that Truman played. We were in the "Reliable Source" restaurant so no photos were allowed.

Unfortunately the heel of my boot came off during our discussion. Fortunately Filene's Basement was still open. I limped in with one boot and came out with another pair. However I underestimated the heel height somehow and now my feet ache. Gah.

Because I'm still a programming person at heart:
The Africa Campaign on Disability and HIV/AIDS
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