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D/G Unencumbered (Part 1 - A to L)

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Last updated 22 October 2008
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A to L

I’ve compiled a list of my favorite Draco/Ginny fics that take place after Hogwarts, showing Draco and Ginny falling in love as adults without the complications of spouses (who are removed from the plot through either divorce or death) or children (no matter how cute and clever). Most of these fics end happily and are complete. A few stories start at Hogwarts and continue afterwards.

Some of these are R or NC-17. Please heed the warnings. Some sites require registration.

And if there are any others to add, let me know.

Accidental Love by dragonsangel68 (Definitely Naughty)
Playboy Auror, Draco Malfoy, collects women like some people collect stamps, until an unfortunate incident with one woman. Turned virtual recluse, Draco is only lured back into the social world when his partner steps in and sets him up with someone trustworthy.

Accidentally in Love by Karen Noelle (Not Naughty)
A companion ficlet to Twelve Days To Christmas. Draco and Ginny were the two Seekers shortlisted to represent England in the World Cup. Will they survive training together in Paris?

Across a Crowded Room by bana05 (NC-17)
After a long absence Draco returns to the British Wizarding World. Ginny welcomes him as only she can.

Adrenaline by K-Lime (Naughty)
To steal or not to steal? That is the question Draco would have to answer because he would do anything for Ginny.

After All These Years by Sarea Okelani (NC-17)
Every couple has secrets.

After(words) by biding_my_time (PG-13)
Post-rendezvous, Draco wants to say those three forbidden words.

All I Want For Christmas by Embellished (Sorta Naughty)
What do you give a man who has everything?

Amor Inter Nos Est by elyaeru
An ensemble cast presents amor inter nos est: a production all about love. Astoria and Daphne share an odd sort of sibling relationship; Harry needs to find himself; Tracey Davis needs to start drinking more cappuccino; Ginny is hidden well underneath at least ten layers at a time and, well, Draco? Draco needs to take a lesson in subtlety.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

And With My Childhood's Faith by peki (R)
Everyone deserves a second chance.

And You Love It by theoriginalkat (NC-17)
Draco and Blaise make a bet concerning the infamous Miss Weasley.

Another Night at the MuOM by sweetproserpina (Not Naughty)
Ginny, now a Museum Assistant at the acclaimed Museum of Magic, supervises a party thrown by the Wizarding Elite. She meets Draco, by chance, when her family crest ring twists off and decides to play a little hide and seek...

Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better by Peki (Extremely Naughty)
It was a war, and he was determined to see her back down first.

As Darkness Fell All Around by fallenwitch (PG)
Ginny struggles with Draco's choice of becoming a Death Eater and joining Voldemort over his love for her.

Bare Naked by Dee (Adult)
Aurors-in-training get paid **** and Ginny wants her independence. Which wouldn't be a problem for Draco if Blaise didn't have a fetish for naked Muggles.

Barest Hint of Lemon by applecede (R)
Draco Malfoy smelled like citrus lemons.

Be of Good Cheer by Fearthainn (PG-13)
Wherein Ginny sings, ears are noticed, Draco takes his father's advice, and there is no gratuitous mistletoe.

(A) Bed Made for One by Sarea Okelani (PG-13)
And in the darkness bind them.

(The) Best Way to Relieve Stress by forgetablelove (NC-17)
Ginny has a stressful day at work, and Draco's there to help her relieve the stress.

Between Now and Then by x24hoursx (PG)
When a letter is wrongly delivered, an interesting (and anonymous) bond is formed between Draco Malfoy and Ginny Weasley. Months later, Ginny knows who the mysterious D is and wants to keep him close.

Black, White, and In-Between by Golden6Girl (R)
Ginny Weasley has been taken captive by Death Eaters, and Draco Malfoy is her only hope for escape. Will she be able to remind him of his former humanity, or is the Slytherin prince to far gone to be redeemed?

Blue Christmas by Embellished (Sorta Naughty)
Draco spends a miserable Christmas without Ginny.

Books and Therapy by costanza (R)
When Draco Malfoy gets landed with Tonks’ young daughter as her only living blood relative, he has no clue how to deal with a sullen six-year-old whose only wish is to live with her beloved Uncle Harry and who takes great pleasure in terrifying his household. So when Pansy Parkinson suggests taking her to this great children’s library, he reluctantly agrees, even if it means coming face to face with Ginny Weasley again…
(NB: yes, this is an exception to the "no kids" rule - sort of)

Both Sides Now by nutsaboutremus(M)
There is a thin line between obsession and love. Draco knew this. Ginny did not.

Break in the Sun (Till the Sun Breaks Down) by Peki
As Ginny and Draco struggle to redefine themselves in a post-war world, a chance encounter leads to more than either of them could ever have imagined....
Sequel: Shall Rise Again by Peki
For a few blissful hours, the differences between them did not matter. But as Draco and Ginny struggle with their budding relationship, they must soon discover that many things separate them still - family, friends and society as well as their own explosive tempers. The future they want for themselves comes at a price, and reconciling what they each want out of life is a challenge that might just break them apart...

Breaking Frost by Eustacia Vye (Not Naughty)
It's never too late for a change of heart.

(A) Bright New World by gypsy_fyre (PG-13)
No one expected it to be a love story.

Cat Burglar by Alexandriaisariel (Naughty)
Our lovely couple has decided to take a break. But, Draco has a certain attachment to a kitty that our heroine loves to death.

Cat-Walked by jessicakmalfoy (NC-17)
Ginny and Draco have crossed through each other's lives for years, but now she's with Harry. When Draco comes back into her life, she's got to chose.

Catching the Snitch by madalene3666 (NC-17)
Ginny is the object of Draco's quest for the Snitch.
Winning the Cup by madalene3666 (NC-17)
Draco decides that he wants to go for the Cup and challenges Ginny to the next match.

Closed: Life through a Lens by lyndsiefenele (G)
She liked watching people and taking pictures.

Closure by ragdollangel (PG-13)
Some things just don't end.

Cold Tea and Conversation by Jules (PG)
Ginny and Draco discover a shared fascination for another popular fandom couple.

Come to Me by where_is_truth
What will Ginny do when Draco summons her? (R)
Even I Have Pride (R)
Stolen (R)

Comfort and Schadenfraude by Mynuet (Sorta Naughty)
Two co-workers decide that something needs to be done about the excesses of Christmas spirit.

Commiseration by Eienvine (G)
The night after her first battle, Ginny finds comfort in an unexpected source.
Summoned to Dumbledore's office after the end of the war, former Death Eater Draco Malfoy finds himself face to face with the person he both longs to see and dreads meeting.
"May we have some more music?" he asked, smiling beatifically in the way that only Albus Dumbledore could after throwing a former Death Eater into a room full of Aurors and Ministry officials. "I think I fancy a waltz."

Conflict Resolution by Adelagia (Definitely Naughty)
Draco and Ginny hate each other with a passion. The end. Well, no, not really.

Counting Ceiling Tiles by rarity (PG)
Ginny knows there are 131 ceiling tiles, but what she doesn't know is what's so special about the man that's her only company.

Covert Operations by dragonsangel68 (NC-17)
Part 1
Part 2
Even though Ginny knows it's an abomination of everything she stands for, everything she fights for, she is unable to stay away from him. Living in fear of being discovered only adds to the excitement of their trysts, but does her inability to put a stop to the sordid affair have the potential to change so much more?

Curating Draco Malfoy by madamepuddifoot (T)
Ginny Weasley just got her first job as a curator for the Wizarding Museum of London. Too bad her permanent employment rests on convincing the one and only Draco Malfoy to help out her museum.

Dance for Me by ladyendymion (R)
Ginny Weasley is a bellydancer in her spare time; Draco Malfoy’s guilty pleasure is Muggle sports cars. When Ginny rear-ends Draco’s Aston Martin with Harry’s borrowed car, he extracts a rather interesting payment, in lieu of actually paying for the damage to his car.

Dancing by madalene3666 (NC-17)
Draco sees Ginny, Draco wants Ginny, Ginny wants Draco too.

Post-Hogwarts sequels to Dark Directed:
Come Away with Me by Fearthainn (PG-13 to R)
Their life after Hogwarts.
Winter’s Song by Fearthainn (PG-13 to R)
Draco has an important question to ask Ginny and needs a ring.

Defining Moments by CindaEdna (Not Naughty)
Six scenes from Draco and Ginny’s relationship.

Detachment by LadyRhiyana (Not Naughty)
Ginny needs a war photographer.

Dining with Draco by Fresh Pickled Toad (PG-13 to R)
The morning after.

(A) Decided Lack of Professionalism by cinnamon badge (Sorta Naughty)
If there's one thing Ginny Weasley hates, it's being kept waiting.

Despoilment by eliagem (Really Naughty)
For the good of all wizards, and despite the love of one man, she fought to uphold justice by breaking the law. To her vexation, the plan backfired... but not for long.

Did You Think You Were Dreaming? (PG-13/M)
There’s a girl in a car in the parking lot, she says ‘Why don’t you take a shot? Can’t you see my walls are crumbling?’

Dinner with the Malfoys by Embellished (Not Naughty)
When Ginny meets his parents for the first time, things don’t go quite as Draco expects.

Dirty Secrets by Evanesco75 (NC-17)
“So, the War's over and somehow, the Light side won. Life should be perfect now! But it isn't. It's lonely and scary and depressing. Those who risked everything to defeat Evil wander around, lost and disillusioned. How will they put their lives back together?"

(A) Disreputable Man by HumbugGirl (Extremely Naughty)
“She could feel a nervous sweat beginning to form on her skin, and she would certainly have stopped to catch her breath if it were not for one vital detail: there was someone following her.”

Diversionary Tactics by Mourning Broken Angel (T)
Covert operative needed - Passport, intrigue and romance required; no experience necessary. Please enquire within.

(A) Domino Effect by paradise_loved (PG-13)
Through applying for a job, Ginny meets up with an old 'friend' from the times of the war. Four years later, both Ginny and Draco find they have far more in common than the fact they've both applied for the last spot in Auror training.

Drabbles by Mynuet (Definitely Naughty)
Some scenes from Draco and Ginny's relationship.

Draco Malfoy and the Gypsy Fortune-Teller by scarlettrayne2 (Not Naughty)
A British witch who is using unauthorized magic in New Orleans is Draco's new assignment. What happens is a surprise to both of them.

Draco Malfoy and the Weasley Test by kaygina (PG/PG-13)
Draco heads over to the Burrow to meet the Weasleys for the first time and ends up in a product of an overprotective family.

Draco Stirs Things Up by CCC (Sorta Naughty)
Twenty three year old Draco lives at Grimmauld Place with The Order members. He decides to make a move on Ginny.

Draco's Girls by serpentandlion (G)
Ginny tells her children how she and Draco started dating.

Draconis and Ginevera by cinnamon badge (Extremely Naughty)
She is a Weasley. He is a Malfoy. The blood feud between their ancient houses has gone on for centuries, and they have been raised to hate each other with every fiber of their being. But fate, it seems, has a wicked sense of humor...

Dreams of Cinnamon and Snow by Jester Hellking (Not Naughty)
Ginny and Draco, among others, have remained at Hogwarts after the War, and come to find that it's not easy to admit their feelings. But...not impossible either.

Drinks by whirligigged (PG-13)
Post-War. Draco and Ginny go out for drinks.

Drunk by sugarbear_1269 (NC-17)
From a dark corner of the wizarding nightclub, she watches him get drunk.

Evening the Score by goten0040 (T)
When Draco Malfoy found Ginny in the prison, he never realized how a little game of words would turn into a soul-changing experience.

Every Little Thing by smprsgrrl (Not Naughty)
When Draco Malfoy finished Hogwarts almost a decade ago, he only looked back once - the moment Harry Potter choose to propose to Ginny Weasley. Finally convinced that the redhead is out of his heart and mind, he's engaged to another woman. What happens when Ginny has other plans?

Every Little Thing to Me by ginnygie (Not Naughty)
Draco and Ginny's Valentine woes, wooing and wedding.

Extra Foam by draconicsocks (PG)
Draco and Ginny have an encounter at the local coffee shop.

Faerie Tales and Dragonflies by gidge_8 (Sorta Naughty)
Past Featured StoryLight-hearted and fun. Ginny Weasley finds herself the target of a bit of manipulation which lands her squarely in a Cinderella situation. Romance abounds and the twins add more than a small twist of fun in the background.

(The) Family Dinner by CCC (Not Naughty)
Ginny decides to have everyone over for dinner. It doesn't go as she expected.

Fathers, Husbands, Lovers, and Sons by Kirixchi (PG-13 to R)
Ginny and Draco are married. Lucius is released from prison, and no one knows where they stand.

Ferrets and Weasleys by livvyharris (Sorta Naughty)
“He watched her face transform as Vulnerable Ginny became Extremely Brassed Off Ginny. Her eyebrow went up. ‘You’re doing that intolerable git routine you’re so good at’ she drawled.”

Fiery Ice by rarity (NC-17)
Red blood seeping into pure snow, tarnishing its purity...

Final Time by acciofirebolt (PG to PG-13)
Ginny Weasley had been in love before. But then he broke her heart, and she vowed never to love again.

Finding Comfort by MrsDanielRadcliffe (Extremely Naughty)
The war rages on, and people must find comfort where it is offered.

Fire to Ice by gypsy_fyre (PG-13)
She’d gotten used to the cold.

Firebrand by Dee (Adult)
Ginny dies. Harry delivers her mail. The world changes.

Foofaraw by Embellished (Sorta Naughty)
A conversation Draco overhears sends him into a fit of rage.

(The) Forbidden Forest Drabble Series by LadyEndymion (Sorta Naughty)
Draco and Ginny's emerging relationship during the Second Voldemort War seems to revolve around the Forbidden Forest.

Found by Adelagia (Sorta Naughty)
A series of vignettes in which Ginny and Draco discover what they mean to each other.

Four Weddings and a Funeral by Maelyn (Not Naughty)
What happens a few years after you finish school? All your friends begin to get married. It's a great way to see old friends from the past and to form new... relationships.

Friday Nights at the Weasleys by mugglechump (PG)
When Draco’s best friend marries into the Weasley family, he finds himself in the company of a certain ginger-haired lass with amazing regularity.

Friends? by neojas (Sorta Naughty)
Years in the future both Ginny and Draco have withdrawn to live in Muggle society. With only each other for company you’d think this would lead to friendship. If only it was that simple.

From Beginning to Beginning by ephemere13 (R)
Some stories don't have end. Just a new beginning.

(The) Fundamental Things Apply by Ruhne (Sorta Naughty)
Ginny wonders why Draco doesn't care.

Fuzzy Pink Boxers by Caroline (Sorta Naughty)
Draco and Blaise have major hang-overs, and Ginny wants to know why.

Gaco and Drinny by Jade Okelani (Adult)
Our favorite couple finds that they have switched bodies.

Getting Revenge the HR Way by Itsbeenvery (Extremely Naughty)
Draco needs a job, Ginny needs revenge, Harry needs to move on, and Hermione needs to sleep. Gather around as they rock beds, raid fridges, listen through walls, and hex friends.

(The) Gift of Manners by lielabell (NC-17)
Minding your manners has never been so much fun.

Ginger. Red. Cinnamon. by twiddlekinks (Sorta Naughty)
Malfoy Manor's missing a few things. But any witch, wizard, or Muggle who forces his way onto the premises is immediately stunned, petrified, or annihilated... Who's doing what?

Ginnugagap by Aimsaru (M)
When Ginny became an Auror she never expected to be partnered up with her enemy Draco Malfoy, nor that she would grow to like him. Now, with the biggest case of her career and an old love showing up on her doorstep, Ginny must sort out her chaos.

Ginny Weasley and the Asparagus Soup Appreciation Society by ailishmargot (R)
On 14th March, the eve of the Minister’s Wizengamot swearing in ceremony, an incident occurred that would bring British Wizarding politics into absolute chaos and to its knees…
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Ginny Weasley and the Curse of the Firstborn by anniepenrose (PG to PG-13)
Ginny Weasley is bound by a blood curse to marry Draco Malfoy and to live with him a year and a day. What happens when she finds him to be...not exactly the man she thought he was? Love, perhaps?

Ginny Weasley's Experiment by HumbugGirl (Extremely Naughty)
He was just thinking of Ginny – taking her desires into consideration.

Girl with a Plan by Echo (Sorta Naughty)
If Pansy Parkinson says she's your friend, don't trust her. If she invites you over, don't go. You might wake up hung over, in only your underwear, and in Malfoy's or Zabini's bed.

Goes Without Saying by ReverseBeauty (Extremely Naughty)
When Ginny returns home after months of work she sees that many things are different and, unable to cope, she flees from the Burrow. What she doesn't know is that things in her own life are about to take an interesting turn when she runs into Draco Malfoy.

(The) Good People by derryere (PG-13/R)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Green by gurl (Sorta Naughty)
Ginny makes a mistake that costs her her Christmas traditions with Draco.

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner by slytherinswitch (Teen)
The boys find out that Draco Malfoy is coming to dinner, but they’re pretty sure they can get rid of him.

Hands by tkmoore (M)
Ginny ponders her favorite feature.

Harder to Breathe by smprsgrrl (PG)
Ginny contemplates motherhood.

Heartbeat by rarity (R)
She listened to his heartbeat and it reminded her that he was there.

Help! by Leigh Adams (Not Naughty)
Ginny insisted Draco not do anything special for Valentine's Day. But is that really what she wants? Draco seeks out Pansy for some advice.

(The) Holly and (the) Ivy by clanmalfoy (PG)
Ginny finds an unexpected visitor to her Christmas activities.

I Love a Parade by Mynuet (NC-17)
A bit of naughtiness away from the main parade route.

If We Meet Again by tudorrose1553 (K)
Ginny Weasley and Draco Malfoy have an encounter on the Eiffel Tower, as a rainstorm begins to rage.

If Your Memories Do Stray by Airmid (Sorta Naughty)
Draco and Ginny have fled the war. Draco comes to many realizations one morning in India.

Impulse by Mynuet (PG)
Draco acts on impulse for once.

In His Arms by Libbie (R to NC-17)
Ginny encounters Draco after a long absence.

In My Life by embellished (Sorta Naughty)
Draco and Ginny discover that it is never too late to find true love.

In Vino Veritas by Embellished (K-13)
Draco Malfoy fancies himself a connoisseur of fine wine and fine women, but a string of encounters with Ginny Weasley teaches him that he still has something to learn about both.

In Which These Two Smiles Meet by embe11ished (Sorta Naughty)
Fresh out of Hogwarts, Ginny Weasley moves out of the Burrow to start life on her own. Along the way, she is thrust into wizarding high society and, before long, into the arms of Draco Malfoy. But are all the finely dressed witches and wizards she meets really as they seem?
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9

Inferno by eliagem (Sorta Naughty)
Love can never be wrong.

Intoxication by Elia Sheldon (PG-13)
Ginny and Draco find themselves drawn to each other and are unsure of how to handle it. One night, they decide to see what happens when they act on their mutual attraction.

It Came Just the Same by Salt_Rose (PG to PG-13)
Draco tries to change the past.

It Doesn't Start with a "P" or End With an "R" by club24 (Sorta Naughty)
Draco Malfoy was stuck at another ball with only an annoying friend and a teasing lady. Just when he thought the day couldn't get any worse, he realized it might end up being the best day of his life.

It Only Takes Once by midnight_birth (PG-13)
Becoming unexpectedly pregnant turns out to be only half of Ginny’s concerns. She has no idea whether her or his family would ever make peace with her getting pregnant by Draco Malfoy of all people, who was supposed to be just a secret fling or, more importantly, if the father himself would accept any responsibility. And what would that mean for their already complicated relationship, if a relationship is even what it is?

It Started with a Dress by greeneyes0419 (Extremely Naughty)
“I know you,” she said softly. “I know that marriage is the last thing on your mind. I don’t want you thinking I’m dying for a sparkling diamond on my finger and happily ever after and all that.” “Don’t you?” he asked simply.

It Takes a Thief by Kerichi
It takes a thief to catch a thief, but when Auror Ginny Weasley goes beyond the call of duty to catch Draco Malfoy red-handed, he catches her off guard, professionally and romantically.

Jejune by draconicsocks (PG-13)
A run-in at Diagon Alley serves to lift Ginny Weasley’s otherwise downtrodden mood.

Justifiable Measures by seegrim (Sorta Naughty)
A Ministry election finds Draco and Ginny positioned against each other once again.

Lantern Walks by Adelagia (PG)
How two lost souls manage to find each other in the darkness.

Libera Me by Mynuet (NC-17)
The only person who believed her was the last person she'd believe - but things have changed, and the enemy of her new enemy is now her friend.

Life is a Flame that is Always Burning Itself Out by x24hoursx (R)
You find yourself at college; Ginny finds Draco.

Like a Burning Flame by eustacia_vye28 (PG-13)
A chance encounter leads to very unexpected beginnings.

Listen by C Grace
Ginny thinks alcohol will solve all her problems, but is there something else that can be even for helpful?

Locard's Principle by cinnamon badge (Definitely Naughty)
When two objects come into direct contact with one another, there is always an exchange.

(The) Lolita Looter by Vixenize (Sorta Naughty)
After a long mission abroad, top Auror Draco Malfoy is looking for an easy assignment as a change of pace. Little does he know what's in store...

Loose Ends by LadyRhiyana (PG-13 to R)
Masterless, loyal to nothing and no one, Draco still has one tie that he cannot abandon - his marriage in name only to Ginny Weasley.

Lost and Found by Lissanne (PG-13 to R)
When Arthur Weasley is murdered, Ginny must work with the Unspeakable assigned to the murder investigation... only to find it's the last person she wants to talk to.

Lost Every Minute by eustacia_vye28 (PG-13)
In the middle of a war, you have to choose your allies very carefully.

Love and War by Mynuet (PG-13)
The war ends and Ginny has to make a decision - what happens after she does?

Luxury & Danger by elle_blessing (Teen)
She made his skin burn, his reason fly out
the window and the only thought in his head was to have her closer,
her skin against his, underneath his hands, underneath his body.

Click for Part 2
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On April 16th, 2006 10:05 pm (UTC), plum_blossoms commented:
This is an awesome recc :) I haven't read d/g in such a long time and it was nice to read these :)
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On April 17th, 2006 02:20 am (UTC), aleja221 commented:
this is great thanks for sharing
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On April 18th, 2006 10:50 am (UTC), ticklethepear commented:
Thanks, all!
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On May 21st, 2006 05:34 am (UTC), ryuugazaki commented:
Great list! A lot of these are my favorites as well :)

After(words) now has a sequel as well, in case you're interested:

"It's Only Fashion"

Perhaps Draco'll finally say those three words by the epilogue, haha.
[User Picture]
On May 22nd, 2006 08:59 am (UTC), ticklethepear replied:
I hope so too! (Oh, Draco.)

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On May 21st, 2006 06:50 pm (UTC), elvenwine commented:
These are great! It's always good to find great new fics, or to re-read wonderful old ones. Thanks!
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On May 22nd, 2006 09:01 am (UTC), ticklethepear replied:
Thank YOU!
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On September 25th, 2006 06:56 am (UTC), aliah_carina commented:
Just happened upon this due to my love of Post-Hogwarts fics :) Also, some of my favs that aren't here, if you're looking for ones to add, The Lush Life By Mynuet and Vesica and If only you knew By Jade and Sarea Okelani. :)
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On September 25th, 2006 03:53 pm (UTC), ticklethepear replied:
Thanks! I'll add them when they're finished. :)
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On May 25th, 2007 11:12 pm (UTC), kaumzuglauben commented:
hello, i just read after words by distempered and i desperately wanted to read the sequel, but the link is broken and i can't seem to find it anywhere.. and help??? would be much appreciated(: thankss

btw, great great listing!!!
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On May 26th, 2007 12:25 am (UTC), ticklethepear replied:

Very weird - I couldn't find it either. Maybe you can drop a line to the author through the dracoandginny.com website?
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On January 16th, 2008 01:34 pm (UTC), ticklethepear replied:
Here's a message I got from the author:

Re: it's only fashion?
from blithelybonny
Hey there. Thanks so much for the thought, but unfortunately, the story's been discontinued.
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On May 31st, 2007 02:21 pm (UTC), elvishly commented:
Thanks again for supplying this list.

I'm working my way through them now. :D
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On June 1st, 2007 02:47 am (UTC), ticklethepear replied:
Happy reading!
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On June 19th, 2007 09:54 am (UTC), ticklethepear replied:
On August 8th, 2007 05:13 pm (UTC), (Anonymous) replied:
You left out 'The past didn't go anywhere' by Fearthainn.. It's one of my favourite!
And Rainpuddle's 'Tangled Web' series..
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On August 8th, 2007 05:16 pm (UTC), ticklethepear replied:
Hi, those are great stories, but they didn't make this list because, as the intro says, no spouses or kids.
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On October 1st, 2007 09:42 pm (UTC), xmia commented:
Wow! I just found this list through the FIA Forums. I'm slowly making my way through it right now. So many wonderful fics. :D Oh, I noticed that you didn't have the author's name for "The Truce". It's by Yazethet.

And thanks for rec'ing my fic! I'm Alexandria Malfoy, but this is my more personal LJ username.
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On October 2nd, 2007 02:31 am (UTC), ticklethepear replied:
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On December 27th, 2007 06:31 am (UTC), lloydsgurl commented:
I have no idea how I came to find this list, but I'm thrilled I did. Thanks so much for compiling it. It's always great to have some D/G to read.
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On December 27th, 2007 06:47 pm (UTC), ticklethepear replied:
Thanks for stopping by!
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On May 24th, 2008 03:26 am (UTC), ravens_hold commented:
Hi, I am going to friend you, so I want lose your lovely list for when I want to read D/G no interruptions included in the fics with people encroaching on the rightness of D/G.
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On May 24th, 2008 11:03 pm (UTC), ticklethepear replied:
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On May 28th, 2008 11:55 pm (UTC), 13oct commented:
I love this, as I have always preferred post Hogwarts fics. Thanks!
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On May 29th, 2008 12:18 am (UTC), ticklethepear replied:
I know - there's only so many "bumping into each other accidentally in the halls of Hogwarts" stories I can take!
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