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Tickle · the · Pear

off for the week

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I don't start my new job until Nov. 3rd, and I'm hoping to get a lot of sleep in the meantime. It was a pretty quiet weekend. We went to see a Moroccan film, Waiting for Pasolini, as part of the Arabian Sights film festival. The movie was set in MoBob's home region, which I've visited many times, so watching the film brought back quite a few flashbacks of my sojourn in Morocco. I admit, I felt a little homesick for Morocco, especially now that the unpleasant parts are fading in memory.

This morning I went with MB to school and he introduced me to some folks and showed me around campus. It's a pretty, if compact, place - since only the grad school is co-ed, MB was often the only boy student in the vicinity. People seemed really friendly and I'm glad MB is at a small school, for his first (and only) university experience in America. Good thing he worked for Catholic Relief Services, and hence is already used to all that mysticism!
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