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gurdonark asked. I answered.

You travel so much, with such an interesting-sounding set of job tasks. Yet I feel I really don't have a good idea of just what you do. Elaborate?

I am pretty much a Jill of All Trades. I spend a lot of my time writing proposals and reports. I also represent the organization with donors and institutions like the World Bank and the UN. But mainly I sit in front of my computer. Except for the trip to Honduras and Nicaragua, I travel to attend meetings.

What is your favorite place to visit for fun? For work?

I love living in DC. I love San Francisco - we spent our annual leave there while we were overseas. For work...hard to say. I have a soft spot for Lyon since it feels like my second home.

What languages do you speak?

French mainly for work, but I don't think I'm at the point of being able to blog in French. Studied Japanese and Spanish but I really can't say I speak those anymore.

What crafty thing, if any, do you do best?

I like making greeting cards and postcards. I enjoyed quilting the one time I did it.

If you opened your own internet sales site or etsy shop, what would you sell?

Hmmm...Muslims for Obama thongs! :)

Does the different in faith background between you and your spouse make much of an impact in your day to day? In your dealings with his family? I remember you writing a bit about your family and such matters.

Our daily habits are pretty much the same. We don't drink alcohol or smoke, so those are the two biggies. M drinks tea. Very rarely does he break out the coffee maker. I'm more active than he is. Since we moved to the US he's only been to the mosque for big events like Ramadan. My father is still not happy about my decision to marry a Muslim but he's been against every decision I've made. Mom likes M a lot. I think she's just relieved that I'm not wearing a burqua!
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On August 2nd, 2008 09:25 pm (UTC), seegrim commented:

Hmmm...Muslims for Obama thongs! :)

*cackles* I love it. I'd wear one. Don't know where, but still...

Seriously, just say no to the burqua!
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On August 3rd, 2008 09:40 pm (UTC), ticklethepear replied:
Yeah, me too. I'm surprised no one's come up with them yet!
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