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Tickle · the · Pear

Friday night

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Two companionships of missionaries came over for dinner. One pair assigned to our ward, the other pair on a deaf mission, including a deaf elder. Who was a real cutie. I told him about our project in Kenya to increase access to HIV/AIDS information for deaf people. I left out the part about learning how to sign terms like "anal sex." MoBob was sorry to miss them since he had to work late. Just as well because the elders ate everything. You know that scene in the last Indiana Jones movie where the evil Russkie was eaten by ferocious fire ants? The elders plowed through dinner just like that.

Tomorrow: Haircut. Tennis. Appointment with Nordstrom personal shopper. Gah. Do I sound like a middle-aged suburban matron?

So Obama was in Paris today. I actually bought the special issue of Courriel International on Obama during my last trip. You know, to practice my French.

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