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I just love Lucy Kellaway. She's got that dry and biting British humor, mercilessly skewering different aspects of business life. LK reminds me of the smart aleck (gros malin) I've always aspired to become but have never quite managed. I usually listen to her commentary on Marketplace during NPR's Morning Edition, or on the BBC's World Business Review. Interesting to note from her bio that she and her husband have several kids, which makes her segment on working at home (shuffling around the computer in her bathrobe and missing the inane chatter of her erstwhile office mates) even funnier.

And on Sunday we finally saw The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe on the American Rec Center's big screen. I read the whole series as a kid and then as an adult in Nairobi several years ago. I thought it was really beautifully presented although I suspect that some of the same technical crew worked on LWW as on the Lord of the Rings films as there was a lot of similiarities in the visuals, for example, how the evil creatures looked.

I was curious about Skander Keynes' name (he plays the role of the ultimately redeemed Edmund) since Skander is Arabic for Alexander. It turns out that his mother is of Lebanese origin. I imagine that he will be very swoonable as he grows up.
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