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Tickle · the · Pear

out: Dar es Salaam, Chicago - in: Eugene

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I'm going to Eugene OR for the Gender Development and Disability Institute at the end of August. I'm really looking forward to it. I miss doing the gender boogie. I'm hoping to spend a few extra days in Portland and Seattle too. Unfortunately MoBob will have already started grad school then so this will be a solo trip. I'm curious and apprehensive as what the travel experience in the US will be like. Our last trip to California in October went without a hitch, though I was appalled by having to pay for food and headphones. Admittedly I'm spoiled by international travel. Even the Delta flight from Atlanta to São Paolo was pretty swish, though I don't know why the Atlanta - Brussels flight didn't come with any goodies.

It's the usual post-travel catch-up extravaganza at the office. I'm glad to be back though, despite the heat and humidity and the hundreds of emails and the ever-burgeoning to do list. I took a comp day yesterday. I was hoping to do something fun like see Prince Caspian but when I went for a haircut I found the salon closed for renovations and when I went to Staples I got the wrong kind of folder. Foiled on both accounts!
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