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Tickle · the · Pear

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (the movie)

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We watched a $4 pirated DVD of HP4 in French. So I probably missed some nuances. (In retrospect I feel bad that we bargained off the $0.50 that the vendor wanted.)

Initial thoughts:

What is up with the boys’ hair? Is that the style nowadays? Malfoy is the only one who looks good.

What’s with all the implied Harry/Hermione?

Is Emma Watson over-acting with her eyebrows?

Shouldn’t Mad-Eye been writing with magic rather than scribbling on a chalkboard?

I was happy that we caught more of Neville and Gred/Feorge.

Is Moaning Myrtle hitting on Harry?

It would’ve been nice to show more of Seamus. Especially since Ireland won the QWC!

I wasn’t very happy with the characterization of Dumbledore. Not nice to grab Harry that way – give HP the benefit of the doubt, for crying out loud.

Why did the dragon bother climbing on the wall? Presumably he/she/it can hover like a helicopter and breathe fire directly at Harry. Also, why didn’t Harry just accio his broom while he was dangling?

The movie would be absolutely incomprehensible for those who haven’t read the books. Presumably JKR approved all the changes.

I did like Flitwick’s new look. That is Flitwick, right? From warwickdavis.com

Hmm…Warwick Davis is a handsome guy when’s he’s not dressed as an ewok or a goblin.
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