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Tickle · the · Pear

shopping, lunch, museum

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I took advantage of the summer sales and bought some t-shirts at the Gap after the store manager assured me that the stock is different than in the US. Then on to Starbucks where I bought a Lyon mug (scroll down for a photo of the mugs).

I wasn't so homesick as to skip out on the Fine Arts Museum. One of the highlights for me was the small scale model of the Statue of Liberty, which apparently was a study for the real thing. My new favorite place to hang out now is the museum café-restaurant where I had a prosciutto and cantaloupe salad followed by chocolate cake. While waiting in line to pay I ended up chatting with a young woman who had noticed I was taking photos of the food. (So touristy!) She's the cultural affairs/tourism person for one of the small towns in the Lyon region hence her curiousity. Then I just hung out in one of the big blue velvet chairs and read the International Herald Tribune while enjoying the breeze.
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