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D/G Unencumbered (Part 2 - M to Z)

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Masks by Selina Kyle (Extremely Naughty)
A lost wager leads to a night of revelations for Ginny.

(The) Masque by StrangerWithMyFace (Extremely Naughty)
At a masquerade, Ginny meets someone intriguing.

(The) Masquerade by CCC
Sometimes, you just want to be someone else.

Mastering the Art of Pig Wrestling by SkoosiePants (PG-13)
Ginny deals with dangerous creatures on a daily basis. Handling Draco Malfoy should be a piece of cake. Right?

(A) Midwinter Marriage by Lady Rhiyana (Not Naughty)
After the wedding, Draco introduces Ginny to Malfoy Manor.

Mirror Magic by tudorrose1533 (PG-13)
“There’s this mirror,” she told him. “And I need to use it.”

Mistletoe Madness by Mynuet (PG-13)
Gred and Forge make Ginny's Christmas festivities hell.

(The) Middle by jessicakmalfoy (NC-17)
Ginny & Draco's relationship is starting to become rocky, and it's because of family issues.

More Things Stay the Same by Embellished (PG-13)
At a reunion, Ginny finds that although many things at Hogwarts have stayed the same, not everything (or everyone) is as she remembers.

(The) Morning After by joey101 (Sorta Naughty)
On the day after their wedding, Ginny reflects on all the love and tears that has come with the price of marrying a Malfoy.

(The) Morning After (Addicted to Love) by StrangerWithMyFace (Adult)
There's a Weasley in Draco's bed! How did she get there?

Mother Christmas by Pipperstorms (Sorta Naughty)
All Ginny wants for Christmas is for the children of the Children’s War Memorial Orphanage to be happy. But in order for this to happen, Father Christmas will need to appear as promised. Too bad everyone has found something better to do.

Moving Day by Phizzy (R)
A little bit of fluff in which the title says it all.

Must the Sun Rise? by nbaeker (NC-17)
Sometimes fairy tales don't work out like they're supposed to. Sometimes the deepest betrayal is that of self.

My Anything by Eienvine (Not Naughty)
It's an old spell and an older oath, and Draco Malfoy would have laughed them off were he not in his present situation. Things being as they are, however, being married to Ginny Weasley might just be the answer to his problems.

My Day with You by Ginnysdarkside (PG)
Can two encounters change your life forever? Can the memories of a single dance and a single kiss blossom into deep undying love? Amidst the wreckage of war, will a poem and a photograph bring Ginny and Draco together, or will it be too late?

My Little Secret by Lissanne (R to NC-17)
Draco has a secret, and she has red hair.

My True Love Sent to Me by Lyndsie Fenele (Definitely Naughty)
Twelve days can be a lifetime, yet Epiphany must always come.

(A) Ninety-Eight Percent Perfect Match by Mynuet (Definitely Naughty)
Draco wants an ideal arrangement. Ginny wants a happily ever after. What they get is each other.

Noble Intentions by persephone33 (Not Naughty)
After the war is over, Ginny makes a vow to restore stolen items to their rightful owners.

Not Just Friends Anymore by madalene3666 (R)
Ginny is surprised when Draco moves beyond friendship.
Outtakes: Interludes by madalene3666 (NC-17)
A series of glimpses into the first few months after Draco and Ginny take their relationship to the next level.

Notes on Falling Out of Love by incipient_love (Not Naughty)
It's hard to learn how to live without that one person you thought would be in your life forever. But Ginny Weasley had always been a quick study, and there are always certain grey-eyed boys to help speed up the learning process...
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Nudge by SkoosiePants (PG-13)
Ginny’s a complete disaster as a ghost, has doubts of ever reaching angel status, and Malfoy isn’t exactly helping matters.

Oaths and Allegiances by persophone33 (PG-13)
Draco and Ginny work for opposite sides in the war. When their respective sides plot against one another, will they do anything to save each other?

Observations of a Malfoy by Lissanne (PG-13 to R)
Draco can't help but observe his new partner and wonder why she makes him feel the way no other ever has.

Obstacle Course by irisi (Hardcore PG-13)
Ginny goes on a mission for a story, only to come out with more than a few injuries.
Part 1
Part 2

Of Nightly Break-Ins and Stolen Kisses by drakenleigh (Not Naughty)
Ginny decides to break into Malfoy Manor and steal something of great importance, but what she doesn't count on is getting caught.

Off and On by Mynuet (R to NC-17)
Draco and Ginny have had a relationship, on and off, for years. What happens when Ginny decides she needs more?

Office Christmas Party by Alexandra Malfoy (Not Naughty)
Every year it was the same routine. The entirety of the Ministry’s Auror division held a little shindig on their own time to celebrate Father Christmas’s annual trip around the world.

On One Condition by MaryJane Weasley (Not Naughty)
Draco has decided to ask Ginny to marry him. To do so, he must first get permission from Mr. Weasley. It turns out to be harder than he expected.

Owned by Mynuet (NC-17)
Draco owns the Furies, a quidditch team which just happens to have a certain Ginny Weasley on the roster.

Perfect Proposal by yazethet (PG)
Draco wants to ask Ginny to marry him and feels he needs a little extra help.

Portkey Party by Sarea Okelani (NC-17)
Ginny Weasley prides herself on being a progressive woman, but an unconventional party may test just how open minded she really is.

(The) Postcard by fleur_delachour (PG-13)
After Harry Potter defeated Lord Voldemort, and the Aurors counted the survived and the fallen, two people are missing – Draco Malfoy and Ginny Weasley. The story follows the last days before their disappearance when Draco had a memory-loss and an important mission for the Dark Lord, and Ginny had the Malfoy engagement ring on her finger and determination to stop him from massacring dozens of people. After a year, a postcard comes and assures their families that they’re not dead – they just fled so he can show her the world.

Prelude to a Journey East by black_alnair (R)
“The riddle is simple enough. Seek the grey-eyed king where he was born.” But Ginny soon learns that nothing involving Draco Malfoy is simple.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Pretty as You Please by Nokomis (Not Naughty)
Ginny wasn’t quite sure how the situation had spun so wildly out of control.

Primrose Path by Adelagia (Sorta Naughty)
Ginny, Draco, Quidditch, and entirely too close quarters. Being forced to train, play, and live with Draco for a season gives Ginny a whole new understanding of anappreciation for the amazing bouncing ferret.

Pyrrhic Victory by Mourning Broken Angel (Definitely Naughty)
Even if evil is not in your memories, it's in your blood.

Pretty As You Please by Nokomis (Not Naughty)
Ginny wasn’t quite sure how the situation had spun so wildly out of control.

Proposal by Mynuet (NC-17)
The happiest moment of her life.

Quietus Eviglio by spiffthegirl (PG to PG-13)
Ginny has been put into the Wizarding World’s equivalent to a coma and for some reason Draco Malfoy is the only person that can save her.

Reaching Out by obssessedmadwoman (PG)
Draco and Ginny know that even if they reach out, they will still be denied what they want. Perhaps it's better not to even try.

Reclamation Cooperation by persephone33 (R)
Ginny is assigned to Draco’s team at the Ministry.

Reclamation Cooperation - the cookies by persephone33 (Extremely Naughty)

Rhythm of Romance by phoenixrae (FR 15)
A reluctant reporter unraveled the whereabouts of the elusive red haired witch who vanished five years ago. Will he get his story or will their past history ruin his chance of writing the story of his career?

Right as Rain by Paradise_Loved (PG)
In her post-war boredom, Ginny Weasley finds an alternative job to be more interesting than anything else.

Rooftops by Hannah (PG-13)
Ginny learns the difference between fairy tales and happy endings.

(The) Rules of Engagement by dragonsangel68 (NC-17)
After accepting a foolish dare at a party Draco finds himself breaking the very rules he set for his own self preservation, and his life has been irreversibly turned upside down. He knows what he has to do to restore order to his once carefree life, but finding the strength is a challenge he appears not to be able to meet.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Saving You by dracosnaughtyprefect (Definitely Naughty)
Ginny comes in the night to feel something from Draco, but he's going to end it tonight.

Say You Love Me by Lissanne (PG-15)
Three magic words.

Se un Gatto Nero ti Passa Davanti… (A Love Story, with Pasta, Pistacchio Ice-cream and Potatoes) by flintshine (Sorta Naughty)
Ginny's looking for a job.

Send Fudge by Annibug (NC-17)
Letters bring about the most unlikely of partnerships. See what happens between Draco and Ginny as they co-conspire and stumble upon friendship and love along the way.
(Note: join the SillyScrolls Yahoo! Group to access)

(The) Serpent Potentate by numbaby (PG-13)
When the paths of power are as twisted as the coils of a snake, who will walk away unscathed?

Shadow and Soul by Fearthainn (PG-13)
"I love you as certain dark things are loved, secretly, between the shadow and the soul." Pablo Neruda

Shag Buddies by Lissanne (PG-13 to R)
Ginny is bored with her life and wants something exciting to happen, something to change...

Simple Kind of Life by mydocuments (NC-17)
Ginny thought that normal was everything she wanted until Draco Malfoy walked back into her life, and showed her how dull normal really was.

Siren by EustaciaVye (Sorta Naughty)
When a contest goes too far, Ginny turns to Draco for a little underhanded help in getting even.

Sleep Spent by Nokomis (Sorta Naughty)
Draco is happy with this life.

(The) Sleepwalkers by fienabler (Sorta Naughty)
They walk around like sleepwalkers, pantomiming their lives while sound asleep…

Slow Burn by sillysun (PG to PG-13)
Ginny can't forget what they had, and before she moves on, she has to know if he remembers.

Some Kind of Christmas by bansidhe (PG)
Draco's first Christmas out of Azkaban.

Some Sanctuary by Fearthainn (NC-17)
She wasn't his, and never had been.

Something from Nothing by CCC (Extremely Naughty)
Ginny has a series of encounters that her family would not approve of. Can something come from nothing? Is she doomed to disappointment?

Something Worse than a Dragon by liriehaliwell(NC-17)
Accidentally injured during a job, Draco finds himself in the Hogwarts’ Hospital Wing, visited by a lovely redheaded Care of Magical Creatures Professor. Minds filled with troubling thoughts, pure moonlight and a certain disconcerting scent would drive the two to most unexpected outcomes.

Sometimes Always by smprsgrrl (Not Naughty)
A look at Draco and Ginny's life post-Hogwarts.

Somnabulist by Eustacia Vye (Extremely Naughty)
Memory is a maze of secrets, and the key to unlocking them comes from an unlikely source.

(The) Spirit's Lounge (R)
One chance encounter changes the direction of two lives. Years later, their lives collide again, and the past begins to haunt as it so often does.

(The) Snake and Stave by sweetprosperina (Definitely Naughty)
“Shuffling through her hand, she noticed the Queen of Hearts, a saucy little wench in a red negligee and a cheap plastic tiara.” Life after the war isn’t what Ginny Weasley expected, but she thought she knew the cards she had been dealt until a risky game at the Snake and Stave changes everything.

Staying by jessicakmalfoy (PG-13)
Every time Ginny and Draco get together, he disappears, leaving her with a broken heart. This time, she is determined not to give into him.

Stockings by seegrim (Not Naughty)
Ginny and Draco exchange Christmas Stockings. Fluff abounds.

(A) Study of the Mind by Alexandria Malfoy (Definitely Naughty)
It is after the final war and Ginny has already started to rebuild her life. She is now a successful wizarding psychologist employed by Azkaban and St. Mungo's. Things become rather strange when both patient and doctor start to show some interesting changes.

(The) Subtle Grace of Gravity by softlyforgotten (R)
In her dream there is a glow about the place.

Sunflower Seeds by thatwhichiam (R)
An Equinox Party gets out of hand thanks to some Slytherins, and Ginny eats some sunflower seeds.
Part 1
Part 2

Sweet Things by mugglechump (PG)
Draco is placed in the care of the Weasley family after his failure to kill Dumbledore.

Table for One by sue_bridehead (PG-13)
Five years after finishing at Hogwarts, Ginny is a waitress at Diagon Alley’s most upscale restaurant. Draco is a frequent customer, dining there every Thursday evening – at one particular table that is reserved just for him.

Tear Apart, Patch Together by liriehalliwell (NC-17)
Ginny’s accidental meeting with one infamous individual quickly escalates into an avalanche of guilt, hurt and hatred. However, escaping from what once was is not as simply as she might have hoped.

(The)Tempest by tudorrose1553 (T)
Five years ago, Draco Malfoy was offered sanctuary by his mother’s cousins in India. Now, with the death of his father, the Malfoys need an heir, and Narcissa sets out to find her son a wife through the aid of the far-seeing, fortune-telling Morcant sisters, who decide upon none other than Ginny Weasley. Seeing this offer as a means of escaping the horrible war that has descended upon England, Ginny accepts their proposition, and finds herself in a foreign land engaged to a Draco Malfoy who seems to be a strange mix of the old and the new.

Ten Years Later, or Pud's Rewrite of the DH Epilogue (Sorta Naughty)
This is my attempt to correct some of the wrongs...

(The) Thief of Hearts by rainpuddle13 (Definitely Naughty)
Draco has something precious stolen from him, and he’s determined to capture the elusive thief.

Think of Me by sheridan
He didn’t really want his sweater back. He just wanted the sweater-stealer to think of him. If he could get both the sweater and the thief back, and achieve world peace, then that was even better.

Three Years, Two Months, and Seventeen Days by Jade Okelani (R to NC-17)
How long does it take for Draco and Ginny to fall in love?

Through the Window by Lirie Halliwell (Sorta Naughty)
When human beings are too engrossed in themselves to look out at the outside world, the outside world likes to sneak peeks at the human beings.

Time to Say Goodbye by Mynuet (PG)
It was supposed to be casual. They were never supposed to be serious about each other. And yet...

Tipping Point by madalene3666 (Extremely Naughty)
Draco’s wanted Ginny for a long time. A stolen kiss tips him over the edge into making Ginny an offer, an offer she really should have refused.

To See the World and Stop Being Celibate by paradise_loved (PG/PG-13)
Working a dead-end job, Ginny finds herself bored to tears – especially when Harry Potter returns from his book tour. It isn't until an old ally from the war gets her to skive off work.

To the Unaware by applecede (Not Naughty)
Draco and Ginny are living in the same house in the war.

Today Seems Like a Beginning by black_alnair (PG)
"Today seems like a beginning."

Tradition by Jules (PG-13 to R)
It happens every Christmas.

Traitors by livvyharris (Sorta Naughty)
Draco Malfoy was a traitor. But then, so was Ginny Weasley, he supposed.

(The) Truce by Yazethet (NC-17)
Ginny shows up to Draco's residence claiming she is done with their years-long prank war and would like to call a truce. Secretly, she has no intention of allowing Draco to get away with his most recent prank and is determined to get even through good old fashioned blackmail. Draco, on the other hand, has plans of his own.

Trust and Betrayal by lady_rhiyana (PG)
“It’s not better to have loved and lost, Weasley. No matter what they tell you.”

(The) Truth by Liz21 (Definitely Naughty)
After all that happens, only the truth can affect her the most.

Truth in Art and Wine by VioletQuill (PG)
The truth comes out...with a little help.

Turning Point by lielabell (Sorta Naughty)
In which Draco and Ginny discover that truth is stranger than fiction.

Twelve Days to Christmas by Karen Noelle (Not Naughty)
When Ginny Weasley received the letter of invitation from the International Association of Quidditch to join the British team in the upcoming World Cup, she was ecstatic. Until she found out who the other British Seeker was.

Under the Night Sky by sillysun22 (R)
After the war, Ginny Weasley is prepared to wage a battle of her own - to fight for forever with the man she loves.

Unexpected Consequences by embe11ished (K-13)
Molly Weasley and Narcissa Malfoy find that meddling in their children’s lives can lead to unexpected consequences.

Unexpected Places by vinofaerie (R/NC-17)
Never hire someone from your past. They may become other parts of your life.

Untitled by ilsa_ilma_isse (T)
She didn't know why she did it, but it was done and now she had to live with it. Literally.

Upon a Midnight Clear by Peki (PG-13)
Draco was behaving oddly.

Vancouver by Embellished (K-13)
When Ginny Weasley travels to Vancouver to do research for the Department of Mysteries, she learns much more than she ever expected about life, love, and Draco Malfoy.

(The) Vault Incident by Myanceris (Extremely Naughty)
Draco and Ginny get locked into the Malfoy vault when a Goblin has an unfortunate accident. How on earth are they going to pass the time until they are rescued...?

Vehicle Woman by costanza (PG-13)
After moving back to England at the Ministry’s kind request, Draco Malfoy finds his Apparition licence is no longer valid. While waiting for it to be re-issued to him, he is forced to commute on the Knight Bus…which has recently changed management.

(The) Visitor by where_is_truth (R)
In all the world, she is the only one who cares about him -- he whose soul is eternally damned.

Was I Ever Loved By You? by Audrey (PG)
Ginny Weasley has it all. Successful career woman, love interest of Harry Potter, the envy of her generation. Life can’t get any better. Until something happens that brings everything crashing down around her and she’s forced to look at life from a different angle.

(The) Wedding by KateinVa (Not Naughty)
Draco and Ginny haven't seen each other since the last wedding, which didn't go well.

What a Malfoy Wants by persophone33 and seegrim (PG)
There were a few things Draco Malfoy never thought he'd experience in the course of his life as a reformed Death-Eater, true love being one of them, so he was pleasantly surprised when Ginny Weasley came crashing through the unguarded gates of his heart.
Part 1
Part 2

What Happens in Italy... by butterfly_kate (R)
On a trip to the Quidditch World Cup in Rome, Ginny sees Draco for the first time in eight years. To her surprise, a torch she didn’t know she was carrying is relit.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Where I Stand by Adelagia (Definitely Naughty)
Hired by the Malfoys to manage their public relations after a bout of bad press, Ginny discovers that some relationships just aren't meant to stay strictly professional.

Where the Heart Lies by Lissanne (Extremely Naughty)
Ginny makes a brave attempt to get on with her life after she splits from Draco by going on a date with Oliver Wood, but finds it's not as easy as she hopes.

Where the Hell is She? by fallenwitch (R)
Post-War England. Draco and Ginny. There are some things you can't leave behind.

Winning Bid by sweetproserpina (G)
As an employee of Wizarding Britain's largest auction house, Ginny often finds herself in the mansions of the upper class installing art and antiquities. When a pricless Zephyrelli landscape is snapped up, Ginny finds herself sent to a mansion where the Master of the House is all too familiar.

Wintering by Irene (Sorta Naughty)
"The smile of the snow is white."

Witch Wish by Liz21 (Sorta Naughty)
Ginny does a favor for her twin brothers that leads her on a wild ride with her not so favorite enemy, Draco Malfoy.

(The) Yellow Brolly Rebellion by Rhi Marzano (PG-13)
Innocent bystander Ginny gets caught up in Draco's quest to break free of his parent's orchestrations. But are either of them prepared for the relationship that ensues?

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