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Tickle · the · Pear

busboys and poets/aide-serveurs et poètes

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As much as I dislike large, social, cocktail party type events, I braced myself to attend the DC French Meetup at Tabaq on U Street.

I've never really looked around this neighborhood before, and I had some time before the Meetup, so I headed toward one of the local institutions, Busboys and Poets. It is very much a San Francisco Bay Area kind of place, with biographies of Che Guevara and multicultural coloring books. Surprisingly the space is dominated by the bar/restaurant area - I had expected the reverse, but the books are tucked into one corner.

Over 50 people were at the Meetup, with what seemed to be a good mix of native and non-native French speakers. People seemed to be between conversational and fluent. Once again demonstrating that Washington DC is a small town at heart, I chatted with:
* two people whom I'd met at the Friends of Morocco Ramadan dinner - one had been a Peace Corps volunteer in Morocco, the other was a volunteer in Nicaragua but is on his way to work with orphans in Bukavu
* a young lady who works for a rival, er, partner organization that also does humanitarian demining
* a Moroccan guy who comes from the same region as MoBob
It was OK. The restaurant was on one floor of a long, narrow, row house so it wasn't really conducive to circulating, as there was little space between the bar on one side and tables on the other.

As for the Facebook photo, I'm going to take the easy way out and change the photos from time to time. Thanks for everyone's comments!
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