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Tickle · the · Pear

happiness is....

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a brand new Hoover vacuum cleaner sitting in my office, waiting to be transported home because the UPS guy said it was too big to leave in the recycling bin (the usual hiding place).

I still don't know if I'll be gone for three weeks next month or not. There's a meeting in Brussels, and then two weeks later a meeting in Lyon. Both of which I need to attend. Why they are not scheduled back to back, I have no idea - but then it's only an issue for my Canadian counterpart and myself. I could always use the extra week for work or (surprise) maybe even a holiday? My boss and my spouse are not too hot on the idea of another prolonged absence especially as the first week of June I'll be with two colleagues from Lyon, for a total of one month out of the office. I don't mind if I'm gone for three weeks straight, or if I come back for a week in-between. Ultimately it'll boil down to my boss deciding whether we'll pay more for two separate trips, or shoulder a heavier workload because I'm not around. Not to mention poor MoBob....

ETA: I'll be gone for three weeks. No one is happy.
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