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Tickle · the · Pear

a crisis only if you're already poor?

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My parents spend half their year in the Philippines and they just returned from their latest trip last week, so I was curious to hear about the rice crisis in the Philippines. Mind you, my parents are not wealthy - my mom was a nurse, my dad a mechanic - but their assets in US dollars certainly make a difference. I'd also forgotten that those assets include rice paddies. So when I asked my mom if the situation was as bad as the media portrays, she said, "No. Not for us. We have enough in storage." It's true that they're in a rural area, and they don't go to fast food restaurants, where, the BBC reported, only half the normal quantity of rice is now served. I know that my parents will help out people who ask, but it seemed a little strange to think that in a global food emergency they are relatively unaffected. For now, at least.
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