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Tickle · the · Pear

Places Where I've Gone to Church - Geneva, September 2000

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Another entry in my very occasional series on the question: is the Mormon Church an international church or an Americanizing one?

I was on my way to and from Skopje, Macedonia. Unfortunately I was unable to meet the one LDS family in Skopje, but I did go to the French-speaking ward in Geneva on the way back. I was visiting a friend from grad school who was working at UNHCR and had to call the missionaries to get directions to the ward. On the bus going to the chapel I sat across from a picture-perfect blond family who were obviously LDS. The husband was a grad student at Thunderbird and they were spending the semester at a business school on the French-Swiss border. And – shocker of shockers – they didn’t speak any French. Then once I got to the chapel, everyone kept trying to steer me toward the English-speaking ward. I appreciate that they were concerned for my comfort level, but Swiss Saints are a lot more interesting to me than UT transplants. After church, I briefly met the Filipino family who worked at one of the UN agencies, and then I got a ride back to my friend’s with one of the Swiss members. He told me of his visits to Salt Lake and other parts of the US. I asked him if he thought the LDS Church was an American Church. He thought for a moment, and then responded that for him the Gospel had no nationality.

Something to ponder, anyway.
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