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Tickle · the · Pear

Wednesday and Thursday

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I went to the airport by myself on Wednesday because MoBob did not take the day off work. I don't know if I were sadder about not saying goodbye to him at the airport or having to lug my suitcase (I swear it's all work documents!) all by myself to and fro. The flight was pretty bumpy but OK. I sat next to the window and the middle seat was empty. I got a pile of free magazines (including Premiere in French) and hot chocolate. These details matter, you know.

Once again I had some free time before my room was ready so I stopped by the office and then took advantage of the proximity to see The Museum of Resistance. The building where the office is located was part of a complex used to house the Gestapo during the occupation of France, and another building was renovated for the museum. I don't think it was "as good" as the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC though I recognize that the purpose was different. I enjoyed most the exhibit of photos by Robert Doisneau.

There is still quite a lot I'd like to see in Lyon, not to mention visiting Paris and other places, but at least there are several "next times" to anticipate.
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