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Since I'm going to three countries in two weeks I decided not to bring the work laptop. Which means checking my email on the hotel computer at 7am to catch up on work emails since there's always something going on. It also means short LJ entries and no photos because of the slow connection.

What would it be like to go on a real vacation? Just to hang out? Not to worry about the home front (MoBob's grad school apps) and the office? The last time was in October - but even that was "purpose-driven" because we went for my 20th high school reunion - and then only for a long weekend.

Last night we went to see Balé Folclórico da Bahia. Wow. Wow. Wow. Each piece reminded me of something I'd seen somewhere in West Africa, and my colleage from Canada said she'd seen similar elements in Haiti. We sat in the second row and got to see every sinew and sweat drop. Luckily the dancers seemed to be enjoying themselves as much as the audience.
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