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Tickle · the · Pear

home once again, if only briefly

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I had an uneventful return home, except for the getting up at 4am part and the standing in the slow passport control/security check line with hundreds of other anxious Americans on the three simultaneous flights scheduled on Air France (10:15 to Washington DC, New York-JFK, and San Francisco) part.

I slept, drank a lot of fluids, regularly disturbed my seatmate (a young Jordanian on a State Dept.-sponsored visit), and combed through a pile of free magazines. I also watched Enchanted which was really amusing. Disney finally learns how to poke fun at itself in a mildly ironic way.

I was so happy to finally see MoBob. We both lost weight! The apartment looks fine, the plants actually look healthy, and spring is finally here. Today we got our hair cut and then walked around a bit at the Dupont Circle Farmer's Market - a really gorgeous sunny day.
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