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Tickle · the · Pear

three jobs at once

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There are several reasons why I'm tired here in Lyon (as opposed to being tired in Washington DC):
1. I'm working in French, and high-level French at that, 90% of the time.
2. I need to keep up on what's going on in the office in the US, plus what's going on here, plus actually participate in the training which was the ostensible reason for my prolonged stay. However, face time is really important, and so I'm often meeting colleagues who are often themselves hard to get a hold of due to travel and work schedules. On the other hand, we're only a three person team in the US, and I still need to attend to some tasks from far away, like supervising the intern.
3. I still want to socialize and see some of Lyon and take care of routine items (like buying lip balm) which takes up a lot of the limited free time I have, and is a function of the reduced working hours here. (Most places close by 7pm.)
4. I worry about MoBob.

It's actually a relief not to have a cell phone, and to have extremely prescribed internet access, otherwise I don't think I'd be able to sleep at all.

Yay sleep. *yawn*
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