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Tickle · the · Pear

back in DC and back in the office

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My meeting yesterday morning left me with several hours before my lunch date so I wandered around toward the Empire State Building and then on to Macy's, where I bought a ridiculous number of clothes. Style & Co. is the in-house brand that fits me well and whose design I actually like. The hook was the heavy set of discounts - 40% (first mark-down) + 15% (second mark-down) + 15% (customer appreciation day) + 15% (opening a Macy's account), which meant that I got a pair of jeans for $12, among other deals.

My friend A. is a grad student at Columbia Teacher's College and we met at Mandoo Bar since it was near my departure point at Penn Station. Very yummy dumplings, but I wasn't wild about the veggie noodle dish that followed. (I actually did well on Asian food this trip, as I'd had dinner at Tanaka Sushi, a neighborhood sushi bar frequented by real Japanese people.) Then onto the bus, where there was some drama and delay when one of the passengers had a seizure at the rest stop - he was taken to the local hospital and we continued to DC, where my poor MoBob was waiting for me in the cold. I'm so glad to be back!
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